First Google and now Facebook use our Concurrent JIT Compilation Scheme

At PLDI’11 we have demonstrated that a concurrent dynamic compilation model works really well in our paper “Generalized just-in-time trace compilation using a parallel task farm in a dynamic binary translator”. This work has also been presented at Euro LLVM’12 under the title “Reducing dynamic compilation latency - concurrent and parallel dynamic compilation”. Three years later Google announces support for concurrent compilation to make Chrome, more specifically the V8 JavaScript engine, faster. More recently, Facebook announced concurrent JIT compilation support in HHVM, their open source virtual machine designed for executing programs written in Hack and PHP. Neither Google nor Facebook give our research any credit

Speed, Accuracy, and Visibility - Instruction Set Simulation without compromise!

[Article in Japanese] Instruction set simulators (ISS) are vital tools for compiler, operating system, and application development as well as processor architecture design space exploration and verification. Because the demands are so different, designing an ISS that caters to all of the above application scenarios is a constant challenge. On the one hand HW verification demands absolute precision with respect to architectural behavior. Even for corner case randomly generated scenarios that are unlikely to occur in reality. Compiler developers on the other hand require functional correctness, performance, and rich profiling feedback to create an optimizing compiler before the actual HW is ready.

ARC Processor Models - nSIM

The DesignWare® ARC® nSIM Instruction Set Simulator provides an instruction accurate processor model for the DesignWare ARC processor families.

nSIM - Turning research into a product

Very happy to see our simulation research made it into a very successful Synopsys Inc. product making customers happy.

Research Impact of Pasta Project

The official case study about the research impact of The EnCore Microprocessor and the ArcSim Simulator project has been released. We are all very happy to see industry value our ideas and work.