First Google and now Facebook use our Concurrent JIT Compilation scheme published at PLDI'11

At PLDI'11 we have demonstrated that a concurrent dynamic compilation model works really well in our paper “Generalized just-in-time trace compilation using a parallel task farm in a dynamic binary translator”. This work has also been presented at Euro LLVM'12 under the title “Reducing dynamic compilation latency - concurrent and parallel dynamic compilation”.

Three years later Google announces support for concurrent compilation to make Chrome, more specifically the V8 JavaScript engine, faster.

More recently, Facebook announced concurrent JIT compilation support in HHVM, their open source virtual machine designed for executing programs written in Hack and PHP.

Neither Google nor Facebook give our research any credit but if you read our paper and compare how the implementations and their benefits are described you will discover this was no coincidence. This should be added to the Impact Report of the PaStA research group to further demonstrate the level of impact our research has.